Welcome to Bach digital!

The Bach digital portal offers a Digital Library containing:

  • complete digitised scans of manuscripts
  • a database listing manuscript sources of works by members of the Bach family
  • catalogues of works by members of the Bach family

90% of Johann Sebastian Bach’s autographs and performing parts have long been available in the online digital library. Both the database listing manuscript source descriptions of works by J. S. Bach, and the catalogue of his works are already complete.

The Digitised Library of Bach resources from the Berlin Sing-Akademie is in preparation. These include, amongst numerous sources from C. P. E. Bach’s estate, the „Alt-Bachische Archiv“ and C. P. E.’s Hamburg performing parts. Work is complete for some 200 individual sources. Furthermore, existing databases of work and source catalogues of compositions by other members of the Bach family are constantly being expanded.

By using the following quick search you can find all digitised sources. (Tick the “Digital copy” box to find a digitised source from the 770 that are currently available). If you add a title (e.g. “Kantate” or “Praeludium”) or a catalogue number (e.g. BWV, BC, Wq, H, Fk) you can limit the search. In order to find descriptions of all database sources, whether digitally available or not, leave the “Digital copy” box unticked. At the moment the database contains around 7200 sources.

Select the menu item “Advanced Search” in order to find a detailed and comprehensive search facility using numerous criteria. Further quick searches are available for the separate projects within Bach digital.